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Make Perfectly Tuned Wind Chimes Every Time ...


Enjoy the pleasure of creating and tuning your very own windchimes

Create your wind chimes for gifts

  • * Weddings
  • * Birthdays
  • * Anniversaries
  • * Halloween
  • * Christmas
  • * Engagements

...the list goes on.

What better gift to give, than a beautiful set of wind chimes, hand made by you, and tuned to a musical scale the receiver will enjoy for many years. Imagine their joy when they discover that the chimes have been tuned by you.

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~ Jayne ...

Seasons Events

You'll find the tuning process really easy to follow.

Produce them to make some extra money at markets - garage sales - art and craft fairs - specialty shops

Be streets ahead of your competition. Most wind chime makers just cut the pipes to length - drill holes in them and sell them without giving much thought to the sound they produce.

With the easy to follow information in this book, you can create perfectly tuned chimes every time...

...and it may surprise you to discover just how easy it is to produce them in quantity.

Once you have calculated the pipe lengths only once - you can produce as many sets of chimes as you may need.

The easy to make jig revealed in this book, makes stringing the pipes together a breeze. It only takes a few minutes for each set.

Or create them for your own personal enjoyment.

Wind chimes make a great complement to any garden setting - patio - porch way - verandah - barbecue area - sunroom.

It's so relaxing, listening to the gentle breeze improvising music on a perfectly tuned set of wind chimes...

...that you created yourself.

Dave from Texas wote:

"I've now sold seven sets and taken an order for a larger set. There were lots of compliments on the sound of our chimes, things like " the best we've ever heard" !! I was quick to point out that "my mentor" was in Australia."

~ Dave

Discover the techniques to create perfectly tuned windchimes every time.

The very simple, little known formula revealed.

There are three critical factors that you need to know before you create your tuneful wind chimes.

  • * The formula for measuring the length of each chime.
  • * Calculating the hanging point for each chime.
  • * Where the striker hits the chimes.

These Three Little Known Secrets are Revealed in this 82 Page Manuscript

This e-book is in PDF format which is downloaded to your PC. You can save it to a folder and read it at your leisure, or print it at your convenience.

You'll also find a really easy to make jig in this book - that's the gadget that helps you string the wind-chimes together... without getting the whole thing in a tangle.

Also included, are some interesting ways to make the wind chimes look pretty neat.

* Discover how to make aluminum chimes look like real aged copper.

* Decorate your wind chimes with a theme:

Birthday - Wedding - Halloween - Valentines day.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Also Included now is a FREE millimeter to inches calculator generously donated by Shane. Note: This is also a digital download.

The "How to Make and Tune Wind Chimes" ebook is only $24.50

This offer comes with a full 6 week 'Money Back if not Satisfied' guarantee.

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